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The aim of this innovative model of Tulip Foundation, for cooperation between business and civil society organizations is to encourage and facilitate their effective collaboration. Stock exchanges are organized on a voluntary basis and with the active participation of many people and organizations from different sectors – local government, nonprofit and business sector, the media and others. Benefits for participants are diverse – new partners, access to new resources and networking opportunity to reach new customers, reputation, participation in local community development and social recognition.

On December 13, 2011 was held the first exchange of ideas and projects in the district. It was successfully complete for the business and civil sector. There were made many deals, none of which for money, and still, everybody was satisfied.

Various organizations have agreed on joint business activities. For example, the complex for mental health care in Bryag neighborhod signed an agreement with "BKS - Targovishte" for cooperation in Targovishte during the annual fair, for activities like cleaning between the area of the exhibition. Targovishte companies will donate techical and other equipment, materials and services for the maintenance of databases of NGOs and in return will receive volunteer support in conducting business activities.

The purpose of the exchange was to encourage and facilitate effective cooperation between business and civil society organizations in Targovishte taking into account the interests and capabilities of both sectors. During the exchange participants found opportunities for cooperation when they demanded and supplied materials, services and volunteer labor. On the stock exchange there is only one rule – do not talk about money and do not look for money!

Benefits for participants in this market are different - new partners, access to new resources and networking opportunities to reach new customers, reputation, participation in local community development and social recognition.

Second exchange in Targovishte was held on October 30, 2012 – Tuesday at 17:30, again in the hall of community center "Napredak". The ritual hall of community center "Napredak-1864".

The second exchange of ideas and projects in Targovishte ended up with 30 transactions.

The event was opened by the Mayor of Targovishte Dr. Krassimir Mirev. "Such efforts and similar efforts are required to be possible – on the one hand for business, on the other – for non-governmental organizations to find common benefit by solving the general ideas, and the two sides have already gained experience in this," said the mayor.

"There is a simple rule that dates back to thousands of years – that in difficult times it is good to help each other ", said Maria Petkova, director of the "Tulip" foundation. She stressed that at the exchange it will not be talked about money and it will be discussed about the services, resources and capacities both parties may mutually have to offer.

The "Exchange of projects and ideas" was created and is very popular in the Netherlands, where annually are held dozens of exchanges. Since 2007, the model is used with success in Germany, Austria, Belgium and other European countries. It is particularly appropriate at a time of economic crisis, when resources are limited and their effective use is crucial.


National Network of Children created the award "Golden Apple" to encourage all organizations and individuals who contribute to the life and welfare of Bulgarian children.

In 2013, the prize "Golden Apple" was awarded to the Hospital for Active Treatment Targovishte in category "hospital or ward" in which the relationship with children and child care have a thought about their experiences and in help and support for parents. One of the reasons for this nomination was the signed on February 19, 2013 COOPERATION AGREEMENT. Party to this Agreement has joined the Regional Directorate "Social Assistance" and Direction "Social Assistance" /by representatives of the Department "Child Protection"/ Targovishte. Active support and co-workers proved by the international organization "Hope and Homes for Children", and the team of the "Equilibrium" Society, Ruse. Subject of the Agreement is coordinating professional activities, knowledge, skills and resources of all stakeholders in the development of the delivery of social services to prevent abandonment of children at an early age. The aim of cooperation is to protect the child's right to grow up in a family environment by developing services based in the community to support family-based care for young children in Targovishte.

In 2011 the club NGO nominated Mayor of Targovishte Dr. Krassimir Mirev who received the prestigious award of the National Network for Children "GOLDEN APPLE" as the best policy maker at the local level, working for the benefit of children. The award was presented by Minister Tomislav Donchev.