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Completed Projects

Program "Strengthening of the National Tuberculosis Programme in Bulgaria"

2011 - 2013 , The Global Fund Againist Tuberculosis

Objectives: Fieldwork and motivating individuals targeted for the treatment of tuberculosis; Cooperation and collaboration with medical institutions of Targovishte region ; Training and administration.

The program appointed one coordinator and four outreach workers from the Roma community , which went through the year up-training . Results of operations :

- Survey /screening for risk of TB/ 845 persons in five municipalities of the area

- Aimed at further study - 273

- Accompanied 30 people to hospitals

- Found 19 contacts for studying

- Monitoring the treatment of 6 persons in continuous phase and 63 - of chemoprophylaxis;

- There was made a renovation and added equipment of the new premises.

"To be a volunteer - means that you care!"

Released in 02 - 07.2012, funded under the National Programme for Youth


Promoting the idea and volunteering opportunities for young people living in the municipality of Targovishte and foster initiative and their commitment to support important social causes.

Specific objectives:

  Development of the network of organizations /NGOs and community centers/ working with volunteers by increasing their knowledge, skills and resources for targeted and effective implementation of volunteering as a means to achieve their goals.

  Increasing activity and motivation of young people in different locations to participate in various volunteer initiatives proposed and organized by themselves. In working with them every organization will apply the principles set out in the implementation of the National Programme for Youth.

  Addressing specific needs of different target groups through planning, organizing and implementing appropriate volunteering.

  Volunteering to gain public popularity and importance among local communities;


6 . "Decent old ages for decent people" - 1 and 2

First phase: 01.09.2009 - 31.08.2010

Second phase: 01.2011 - 02.2012

Projects funded under Phase 1 and Phase 3 of the "Care in a family environment for the independence and dignity of people with disabilities and people living alone" – “Social Assistant" and "Housekeeper” activities, of operational programme "Human Resources Development" totaling over 220 000 lev .

The project trained over 110 unemployed people from Targovishte and subsequently employed 83 people. Within 1 year they took care over 180 single adults daily from Targovishte and 14 villages. Our organization created a high standard and quality of service, with the result that services were very well received by consumers. And now, if necessary, many people are turning to us and we voluntarily associate to work trained as domestic helpers in need of caring of the people.

2. "Creating sustainable practices to protect and restore the spaces between block spaces"

Time for implementation - May 2011. - October 2011 , funded by the  foundation "Environmental Partnership" under the "Place to live 2011" programme

PURPOSE - To establish sustainable mechanisms for active participation of citizens in the maintenance and renovation of the spaces between the blocks in the neighborhood of the neighborhood “West 2” in Targovishte. Through involvement of the work of the House Managers.

Task 1 - Increase awareness and knowledge of House managers to direct citizen participation in the construction and maintenance of the life-surroundings

TASK 2 - Improving the living environment in the neighborhood of “West 2” neighborhod through implementation of small initiatives. Activities under this task will enable the House Manager to be actively involved during the first task and gain practical experience in organizing similar initiatives.


- Trained and enabled over 15 house managers;

- Developed six civic ideas for improving the spaces between the blocks with the participation of the residents;

- Created one new children's playground

- Additions and refreshed 4 playgrounds and recreation areas;

- Borrowed additional funds from the Programme of Targovishte Municipality to improve the spaces between the blocks;

"Days of Volunteering"

01.05.2011 - 30.11.2011 Foundation " Charity Aid in Bulgaria "

We implemented a campaign to promote volunteering , including the corporate volunteering. Together with institutions and community centers in four cities were conducted eight voluntary initiatives, and for two days we were providing information on volunteering on the main square in the town of Targovishte.


EXCHANGE OF IDEAS AND PROJECTS: - a “Tulip” Foundation program - the exchange is organized entirely on a voluntary basis with the participation of people from different sectors. Partners: CCI and ONJ "Progress".

There were realized are two markets - in 2011 and 2012, and before participating, the NGOs were trained on the principles of operation. In Exchange involved over 15 NGOs and community centers and 14 companies.

Results for 2012 - 30 transactions whose financial value exceeds 6000 lev. Outside formally concluded deals there were arranged dozens of meetings for further specification of options and details for future partnerships.


"Support from the community for raising children in a family environment"

Time for implementation - from January 2010 to December 2011 , funded by the " Tulip " and OAK Foundation

Project Objectives : To reduce the number of abandoned and neglected children through early identification and subsequent provision of specialized support for Roma families with identified risk and creating motivation and capacity building in local Roma communities for involvement in activities aimed at raising children in a family environment and improve parenting .

Working with Roma families from the neighborhood “Malcho Malchev" in Targovishte and villages Lilyak, Vardun and Golyamo Novo.

Summarized results :

A total of 40 families included in all three programs of the project;

Support for treatment - more than 35 children;

Support for pregnancy and childbirth – 16 women;

Provided contraceptives against undesired pregnancy – 25 women;

Provided additional support from other organizations and partners :

- Collected by donation and provided from elsewhere clothes - over 40 sacks, toys - over 10 sacks, shoes, etc. distributed among the poorest families with whom we work;

- During the winter season, with the assistance of the Red Cross Targovishte we provided food and sanitation to over 20 families for three months;

- We were able to buy or find the necessary items for few families - stoves, window glasses, tables, etc.

Specific results:

- Removed 4 children from institutions /2 Home in Omurtag and 2 HMSCC/ as with the assistance of CPD, they were placed in foster families

- Assistance for the reintegration of 3 children into families;

- Thanks to our support 9 children remained with their families and were not placed in institutions ;

- We can say that as a result of our work over 100 children were raised better!

Made and promoted model for work on prevention of institutionalization of children from the Roma community, which can be applied at other places and other organizations /you can download it from here/


"The local communities to support their children"

01.07.2011 – 31.12.2011, "Open Society " foundation – Sofia, on the program "Empowerment of the Powerless"

Specific objectives:

    Increasing activity and competence of local communities to participate in activities aimed at vulnerable target groups, in particular of disadvantaged children ;
    Promoting and implementing practical models for quality care for children with the direct participation of local communities;
    Establishing a mechanism for effective cooperation and joint initiatives for at-risk children between the civil society structures on the territory of Targovishte


- A local resource was built, made of motivated and capable people who work directly or indirectly for the benefit of children of the community - a total of 30 people;

- Implemented five positive practices for working with children in each of the municipalities;

- Provided specific support to over 90 children at risk ;

- 4 NGOs /Youth Society for integration and development – Targovishte, Foundation "Youth Center" and "Good Heart" society from Popovo and association SIDURO – Opaka/ gained more insight information on national and regional policies on care for children, the current social services for children - both in the region and in neighboring areas ;

- 1 Association from Antonovo /Center for Educational Integration/ along with the representatives of civic groups from Omurtag,  Antonovo and three young professionals from Popovo are motivated to work in support of children at risk;

- All participants in training - a total of 15 people, gained practical experience, implementing five small projects aimed at a particular group of children at risk;

- Created a Facebook group to allow regular contact and exchange of information and ideas between project participants and other NGOs, institutions and individuals who are not indifferent to the problems of children;

- Over 20 young professionals already included in the database, as we expect over time to have many more people involved in it;


"Young people and civil society: a step towards common European values"

01.01.2008 - 31.05.2008 Program "Youth in Action "

The project brought together young men and women from four European countries /Bulgaria, Portugal, Ukraine and Croatia/ who shared the experience of working in the public sector, debated the role of young people in the development of the communities in which they live; learned how to do this and present their national cultures. 

Finding the local multiculturalism through education /2006-2008/ - a project of the "Warwick" University, UK, with participants from Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, Abkhazia.

The main objective of the project was to contribute to the fight against racism, xenophobia, ethnic discrimination and related intolerance.

The participating organizations developed a sustainable system of activities aimed at young people. The team of the club prepared methodology for youth camp with representatives of different ethnicities. One of the outputs of the project was issued – Handbook for Trainers "Education for Peace and Multiculturalism". The same has been translated into 10 languages ​​and distributed in thousands of copies, of which 250 in Bulgarian, the club distributed among its members, partners , research institutions. In the Handbook was included experience of the Club for organizing multiethnic camps "Let’s break down barriers".




· Exploring attitudes for cooperation: anticipate to hold three focus groups with representatives of NGOs , councilors and municipal administration . Each focus group will include 10-15 participants. The process will be facilitated by experienced experts available to both organizations. As a result, we expect to receive and process information about the views, positions and interests of each group. It will serve us in the preparation of the following activities

· Establishment of a working group for discussion and drafting of the ordinance: this group will include representatives and experts from the three main groups and lawyers. Besides these we will include the expert representation of regional state institutions ( Regional Administration , RIE , RDSA, RPD, etc.). The group will hold its regular meetings if necessary will be invited additional experts. At the end of the project the group will need to prepare the project for the ordinance.

· Discussions on the parameters of interaction in various spheres: they will participate in an equal number of participants from all three groups (six in each group) and experts, according to the topic. Discussions will be presented in "White Horse" complex to be provided a work atmosphere.  There are scheduled three discussions with the following topics:

o "Interaction between NGOs and local authorities in the context of the implementation of the Municipal Development Plan of the Municipality of Targovishte- 2007-2013." – It is expected after the meeting the main groups to have rallied around proposals for effective collaboration in the implementation of the Plan.

o "Interaction between NGOs and local authorities in the context of absorption of EU funds” It is anticipated at the end of the meeting for the main groups to find a certain way for general partnership actions in this direction.

o "Interaction between local authorities , NGOs and business in the context of policy-making for community development" – It is expected after the meeting that we have agreed to terms , mechanisms and development of joint programs and activities. As a result this discussion will clarify the role and methods of participation of each partner.

The findings and suggestions of the three discussions will be used by the working group to draft an ordinance

· Preparation of a draft Ordinance for Partnership between NGOs and local authorities: in the realization of this work we will use the experience of other municipalities, the expert support of national NGOs.

· Public discussion of the project: the made project will be proposed for discussion at extended meetings, which will be attended by representatives of the municipal administration, municipal councils, NGOs, media and citizens. Upon receipt of the proposed changes will be considered by the Working Group at the discretion involved in the project. It will be posted on the website of the Municipality of Targovishte.

· Submission of the draft Ordinance for adoption by the City Council in Targovishte: the finished draft ordinance will be included accordingly by the Working Group for discussion and adoption at the session of the local parliament.

The finished project Ordinance will be given to other municipalities in the region and the country to use the project results.