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In the beginning of April the next

Toy Library

opened at the NGO Club in Targoviste.

The Toy Library provides children ages 0-4 with the opportunity to play with educational toys supporting child development in the 5 developmental domains – cognitive, gross motor, fine motor, socio-emotional, communication. The library is located at the NGO Club and is open on schedule for children using the center’s services.

The Worldwide Foundation for at – risk Children’ Toy Library is a resource for children to access developmental toys and for their caregivers to be trained in how to use these toys as equipment to work towards developmental goals.  Worldwide Foundation for at – risk Children /WWO/ currently works in 19 partner organizations and one private center working in the community with children with special needs under Toy Library project. Toy Libraries give caregivers the opportunity to support child development through play.

The WWO Toy Library Program includes:

  • Training of caregivers, teachers, pedagogues, directors, doctors, nurses and psychologists by a senior group of WWO consultants;
  • Selection of carefully selected developmental toys;
  • Organization of the library;
  • production of a developmental manual and toy cards with cognition, fine motor, gross motor, social/emotional, and communication targets, as well as with suggested activities.

"Hand in Hand"

Time for implementation - in February 2013. - January 2014.
Financed by the Operational Programme "Human Resources Development"
Scheme "Educational Integration of Children and Pupils from Ethnic Minorities"

The aim of the project is to support the integration process and improve the quality of education for Roma children, students in PS II Tartovishte city.

Planned activities are aimed at teachers and students from Primary school "NY Vaptzarov" Targovishte, and their parents from the district "Malcho Malchev" square Beach and villages Ralitza, Davidovo and Saedinenie. It is predicted that 12 teachers will be trained in two programs to work in a multicultural environment - "Folklore Ethnic" and the program "RaMo" and to conduct semi-annual sessions with 130 students from the partner school. They will also be working with 30 parents to change attitudes towards the education of their children and build parental capacity. This activity will be carried out by a consultant teacher, supported by mediators from the Roma community. To enhance quality of education and motivate students and parents to regularly visit classes, we provide renovation and furnishing of the room in the school, to become a real center of social interaction and dialogue between the participants in the learning process. At the end of the project there will be made ​​a model for working in a multicultural environment for integration and retention of students from the Roma community in the school.

"Change through participation"

Time for implementation - July 2013. - December 2015
Funded by the Bulgarian-Swiss Cooperation Programme

The overall objective of the project is: To develop the capacity and increase the motivation of civil society to provide more - quality, effective and affordable social services for children at risk, living in the five municipalities of Targovishte. This will be achieved by identifying, motivating and training of representatives of local communities to work with children and families, as well as through the application of best practices for public participation in the development of local policies in the social sphere.

Specific objectives of the project:

  1. Improving the quality and coverage of social services provided by the Club of NGOs focusing on children with disabilities in Targovishte municipality ;
  2. Capacity building of new NGOs to work on the model for early intervention with children with disabilities in the five municipalities in Targovishte;
  3. Increasing the effectiveness of public participation in the development and implementation of policies in the social sphere .
  4. Increasing the capacity of the club to ensure there is good governance and sustainability in its development.

Our main activity during the first year providing services "Early intervention in the family" - an innovative model for our region, social service, which aims to prevent the abandonment of children with disabilities and improve the care for them. We will create a multidisciplinary team of specialists who will carry out home visits, will produce an assessment of the needs of the child and family, individual plan, support and training for parents, information about additional options to address the challenge and improve the condition of a disabled child.

In the second year the model will be replicated in the five municipalities in Targovishte region with the goal by developing the capacity of civil structures to ensure access to alternative services in the community to support children and families.

Along with the provision of social services we will work to increase the capacity and promote club activities of NGOs. The purpose of this activity is to increase the organizational capacity of the Club NGO uniting 33 NGOs from Targovishte region to achieve better quality, stability and efficiency in the work of both the Club and its members.

Program "Provision of interest-free loans to improve the living conditions of families at risk and low income families" – unlimited time for implementation
Program was implemented in 2010 in partnership with the "Habitat" association , which provided working capital in the amount of 21000 lev. There were provided over 210 loans by 2013, mostly for families from the Roma community in the town of Targovishte and villages Golyamo Novo, Vardun, Lilyak, Bayachevo and others.

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