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Activities implemented Club of NGOs are in several directions:

  • Project work - until its nearly 15 year history, the club defended successfully and completed over 40 projects, some of which are described in the folder "Finished Projects" . Before 2007 we worked on pre-accession programs , and from 2009 until now we have successfully completed three projects under the Operational Programme "Human Resources Development". The total cost of borrowed funds projects in the last three years over 400 000 lev. So far, there is no case in which our projects’ execution has been suspended.
  • Activities of the Center for Volunteer - created in 2003 and since 2005 is part of the network of the National Alliance for Volunteer /NAVA/ Plovdiv . By 2013, in the Center we have received more than 200 youths, mostly students, who annually make more than 15 voluntary initiatives.
  • In fulfillment of one of our main goals - to support the creation and operation of non-profit organizations and civic bodies in the town of Targovishte and the region, together with our members initiate various forms of involvement of NGOs and citizens in activities related to the development and implementation of local and national policies in various areas of social and political life - forums, discussions, participation in public councils, drafting opinions on topical issues, etc.