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Club of NGOs is a founder and a member of the following national coalitions and networks

www.navabg.com - National Alliance for Volunteer Action Plovdiv, which combines regional and local volunteer centers across the country. NAVA mission is to revive the tradition of volunteering in Bulgaria and change community attitudes towards volunteer work by organizing various activities, implicating as many people as possible from the community and promote the values​of volunteering.

www.nmd.bg – National Network for Children unites more than 110 NGOs from the country working to improve the welfare of children. Club of NGOs is second term board member. The mission of the NNC is to strengthen and facilitate cooperation between related organizations and all stakeholders to ensure the rights and welfare of children.

www.fesbg.org - Coalition for sustainable use of the funds of the European Union, which is part of the network of Bluelink /www.bluelink.net/. It unites NGOs primarily active in the field of environment and sustainable development. Coalition for sustainable use of EU funds is united around the idea of ​​providing civic participation and influence of NGO sector on the absorption of EU funds in order to ensure the transparency of the processes. According to the coalition is needed civilian control over the sustainability of planned projects, their environmental friendliness and protection of the interests of the local population.

www.bgactivecitizen.eu – Forum Civic Participation /FCP/ is independent and non-institutionalized platform for collective actions of its members - Bulgarian non-governmental organizations in order to strengthen the direct participation of civil society in the process of making important policy decisions at local and national level and improving the interaction of NGOs with public authorities. Our Vision: Joining forces and resources of civil society to deliberate and informed public participation in power solutions.

http://habitatbulgaria.org/ - Foundation "HABITAT": The Bulgarian branch of Habitat for Humanity is registered in Bulgaria as Foundation "Habitat for Humanity". Through their activities, they promote the idea of ​​adequate housing needs as a fundamental human right and work for strengthening the consciousness of society towards lifting the miserable living conditions. Support, including through its local partners, including NGOs Club, solving the housing problems of individuals and families who do not own their own homes and not have enough money to buy, build or lease one, as well as people living in inadequate homes that do not have enough money to repair and improve them. Habitat promotes the ideas and principles of organizational partnerships, public cooperation, voluntary work, concern and respect for the needs of others . Creating an adequate living environment, we help build sustainable communities and personal development of the people of these communities. We work with people from all social groups and in partnership with various civic and governmental organizations, corporations and individuals.

Our partners are:
  • Municipality Targovishte, District Administration, Regional Health Inspection, "Social Support", school "NYVaptsarov" I school "Hristo Botev" and others;
  • NGOs in Targovishte - Association Naya, Business Centre/ Business Incubator, Chamber of Commerce, Center for Regional Development;
  • NGOs in other cities - Open Society Club Ruse;Varna PECSD, Foundation "Karin Dom" and association "Complicity" Varna, Information service "Europe Direct" Shumen, Amalipe Veliko Tarnovo, Pleven Public Fund "Library" and others.
  • National NGOs - International Social Service - Bulgaria, Platform Agora, Balkan Assist, “Association Transparency with No Limits” and others.