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1. Association "Targovishte Association for Mental Health", Targovishte
Chair: Dr. Elena Marinova Vassileva
Contact phone: 0601/62275
Email: tdpz@abv.bg
MISSION: Improving the quality of life of people with mental and psychological problems in Targovishte.

2. Association "Intelleco",Targovishte
Chair: Donka Radichkova
Telephone contact. 0887307594
Email: d_radichkova@yahoo.com
MISSION: "Think globally, act locally for the protection of environment and human rights!"

3. Association "Mental Equilibrium", Targovishte
Chair: Dr. Emilia Dimitrova Balukova
Contact phone: 0898 673 978
Email: em4odim@abv.bg
MISSION: To work to provide integrated support to people who, for various reasons (social, health, psychological), are defined as persons at risk, including persons with mental disorders

4. Association "Municipal Councilof Community Centers", Targovishte
Chair: Albena Ivancheva Nedeva
Telephone contact. 0885151990
Email: albenanedeva@abv.bg
MISSION: To develop the the community centers in Targovishte Municipality as cultural-information centers which support the development of local communities

5. Roma Women Association "Good Mother",village of Vardun
Chair: Silvia Stoyanova Angelova
Contact phone: 0893387048
Email: vardun@abv.bg
MISSION: To empower women of the village Vardun as educated, active and contemporary citizens!

6. "Light for us", Targovishte
Chair: Antoaneta Hristova Dimitrova
Contact phone: 0894371019
Email: gl_petrova@abv.bg
MISSION: We are an organization that brings together citizens of Targovishte with respect to the problems of people with visual disabilities. We work to create a favorable environment for their social integration.

7. Association "Support for the future" town Targovishte
Chair: Dr. Radost Edreva
Contact phone: 0887 432335
Email: r_edreva@abv.bg
MISSION: Children of Bulgaria to grow up healthy, educated and loved!

8. Foundation "Pesenen Folklore - Elena", town Targovishte
Chairm: Elena Vasileva
Contact phone: 0888 124739
Email: pesen_elena@abv.bg
MISSION: To preserve and transmit Bulgarian folkloreto future generations.

9. Association "DAR", town Targovishte
Chair: Maya Dafova Malcheva
Contact phone: 0895 977630
Email: maq1957@abv.bg
MISSION: Improving the quality of life of children with disabilities and their families

10. Association "Orthodoxy"
Chair: Aneta Serafimova Yordanova
Contact Phone: 0601 81044/0889907838
MISSION: To support people who are in trouble and need help.

11. Association „Strategies, ideas and activities for sustainable development ofthe town of Opaka”, Opaka
Chair: Diana Yakimova
Contact Phone: 0894/ 682870
Email: siduro@abv.bg
MISSION : Promote and support active citizenship of people of Opaka.

12. Association "Harmony and Traditions", Targovishte
Chair: Paraskeva Stoyanova
Contact phone: 0899495318
Email: h_t@abv.bg
MISSION: In harmony with oneself, with society and nature through folk traditions and experience the bridge Past-Present-Future

13. Association "The Children of Targovishte", Targovishte
Chair: Dorina Yordanova Kostadinova
Contact phone: 0878 441914
Email: decata_tg@abv.bg
MISSION: We develop the talents and abilities of each child to find their way to independent and fulfilling lives.

14. Association "Civil Forum for Youth - Targovishte", Targovishte
Chai: Zlatka Milkova Ivanova
Phone: 0899 132 606
Email: zlati_st03@abv.bg
MISSION: Association "Civic Forum for Youth- Targovishte" works to create a supportive environment for personal development and career development of young people from the municipality of Targovishte.

15. Foundation "Youth center", Popovo
Chair : Nevyana Hristova Hristova
Contact phone: 0889078946.
Email: hristowa_n@abv.bg
MISSION: Encouraging, assisting and supporting the development of civil society, scientific and technical creativity and enterprise of young people.

16. Association "Good Heart, empathy and care", Popovo
Chair: Ivanka Vaskova Georgieva
Contact phone: 060840245
MISSION: Full inclusion in society of disadvantaged hildren, youth and adults in the Municipality of Popovo

17. Targovishte psychological society, Targovishte
Chair: Iliya Iliev
Contact phone: 0899797999
Email: psy_targo@abv.bg
MISSION: To support the development of society and professional development of our members through activities and initiatives aimed at the implementation of psychological science in professional practice and all walks of life. The association works actively to support people and communities at risk.

18. Youth Association for Integration and Development, Targovishte
Chair: Marusya Miltcheva Georgieva
Contact phone: 0601 78 238
Email: mzir@abv.bg
MISSION: Implementation of socially beneficial activities for the integration of children and young people from the Roma community.

19. Center for Social and Training Initiatives, Targovishte
Chairman: Nadezhda Yordanova Neycheva
Telephone contact. 0897/99 06 91
Email: vesela_dk@abv.bg
MISSION: Improving child welfare.

20. "Ideas for future youth initiatives", Opaka
Chair:Mustafa Hryustenov Feimov
Contact phone: 0894 328434
Email: MUSTI83@abv.bg
MISSION: To provide opportunities for development and recreation for young people in the Municipality of Opaka.

21. Association "Hope for Antonovo", Antonovo
Chairman: Krastana Karteva
Contact phone: 0886 404261
Email: kkarteva@abv.bg
MISSION: Supporting children and adults with special needs.

22. TalentFoundation, Targovishte
Chair: Tatiana Peneva Petrova
Contact phone: 0885148601
Email: fondationtalant@gmail.com
MISSION: Creating a favorable and stable environment for the encouragement, development and promotion of young talents from different fields of art.

23. Association "Together for the children of Targovishte",Targovishte
Chair: Svetla Hristova Yancheva
Contact phone: 0894 472 570
Email: roditeli.tg@outlook.com
MISSION: We work to create a better world in which people accept their differences and all children have an equal chance for development and realization.

24. Association "Our future - Omurtag",Omourtag
Chair: Violeta Yordanova Todorova
Contact phone: 0893656872
Email: sdrujenie_omurtag@abv.bg
MISSION:Active participation of young people and citizens of Omurtag for a better future of the town.

25. Association "Akademika- 245", Antonovo
Chairm: Neli Ivanova Nikolova
Phone: 0888671661
Email: akademika245@gmail.com
MISSION:„Academica- 245” mission is to stimulate young people and adults in Bulgaria for their active participation and equal access to: Education and training services; quality social services; quality health care; sport and culture; public place to give an opinion and proposals; democracy and participatory democracy; active citizenship; good governance and transparency; human rights, including minority (ethnic, religious, linguistic and sexual); dccess to rights, including in remote areas and anti-discrimination; gender equality; building networks and coalitions.

26. Botanica Life Foundation (Varna)
Place of registration: City of Varna
Chair: Dr Apostol Apostolov
Tel. + 359 (0)89 4412349
E-mail: info@botanicalife.org
Mission: The foundation supports youth participation and sustainable development.